Heidi Ehrenberg

I'm a contemporary artist specializing in semi-abstract compositions, rendered in acrylic paint on canvas.  My work is notable for its vibrant, layered colors and subtle textures. I also work in pastels and mixed media.

A native Washingtonian, I studied drawing and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, in Munich, Germany. I later earned a Master’s degree in psychology, at Antioch University, with an emphasis on art therapy. For over a decade, I've combined these two approaches to art to help Seattle students discover visual expression and embrace self-reflection.

As my focus on my art intensifies, my body of work grows. My Totem series allows me to explore balance, texture, and color, while the vertical format holds each painting together. My new work delves into landscapes, allowing for a free and more intuitive flow. Richly layered and textured, these paintings draw the viewer in to follow a path, a line of light, a band of color, a vanishing point…

I derive inspiration from myriad sources: nature, commercial media, fellow painters, and architecture. Always drawn to creative people, I'm not only amazed by the wonders people generate, but also by how often their creations trigger ideas and possibilities for me to pursue.