Artist's Statement


heidi camera.jpg


As a child, I ran to the park every summer for the arts and crafts program. Even then, I knew I needed to make, to create.

As I grow and develop, so does my creative process; it's constantly evolving. Recently, there's been a subtle, yet powerful, shift in my creative focus and art making. I’m allowing ideas to unfold slowly, rather than over-analyzing or pushing them into being. I look at other artists' work, finding elements both common in and radically different from mine. My eye pulls in blended as well as solid colors. I search for textures, layers,
and contrasting patterns. The corner of a photograph in a magazine, a piece from my sketchbook, walking a wooded pathway, wandering the edge of a beach, noting the change of light on water, the sun and shadows between trees… all can trigger the beginning of a painting.

I'm learning my work is a dance between directing and letting go, putting paint down and scraping it up. I’m moving toward a more abstract and intuitive style of painting.  I'm excited by the limitless creative possibilities all around me and my burgeoning curiosity for different mediums.